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About us

Softonic is the leading software download site in Europe and Latin America and one of the world's top sites in this category. We have offices around the world: Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, Shanghai and Tokyo.

We offer our users localized expert content in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, and Japanese, creating user engagement based on tailor made content for each language.

Founded in Barcelona (Spain) in 1997, Softonic offers one of the largest collections of software, applications and web apps for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems, as well as for mobile devices. Our online catalogue has been analyzed, evaluated, reviewed and rated in 10 languages by a team of expert editors.

Softonic is also a Global Community built around all things software, combining expert reviews with user generated content.

Our Users

Our Global Users visit Softonic looking for the best software to fit their lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what type of programs they are looking for, we offer them one of the biggest online catalogs worldwide, where they will surely find what they are looking for aided by our expert’s reviews and recommendations.

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Advertising Opportunities

Advertising on Softonic offers you a wide range of possibilities when it comes to creating your campaigns with our different advertising products.

We use most of the technologies and standards in the market, always following the guides and technical specifications set by the IAB and the MMA.

We create solutions for our advertisers and partners, who are looking to improve their Reach, Advertising Impact, Content Advertising, and Performance Marketing (from CPM to CPDOWN)

  • Softonic Display Ads

    A multiple range of industry standard formats located in each and every page of our site. Focusing on quality impact.

  • Softonic Rich Media

    • At Softonic we offer you the possibility to plan your Rich Media campaigns using several formats such as expandable, floating, wallpapers, etc. We also work side by side with some of the industry’s key rich media providers.
    • We develop special formats for you.
  • Softonic Video Advertising

    We offer the possibility to reach our global audience through our in-player video advertising with clickable pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post rolls. We also have in-banner videos using the space of the traditional graphic banner to launch a video (FLV or Flash).

  • Softonic Mobile Advertising

    • We offer several advertising formats (MMA) and special tailor made solutions for your campaigns targeted to mobile device users.
    • You can create a campaign for our Softonic Mobile Web where our content is optimized for mobile devices.
    • We also have our mobile app Softonic Moba that offers special advertising opportunities.
  • Softonic Custom Programs

    • When you advertise on Softonic you can combine all the elements to create a 360º campaign.
    • We also offer the possibility to use exclusive advertising formats to generate Brand days, sponsorships and landing pages to better create a 360º campaign experience.
    • We can also customize your campaign on our international Softonic sites for a truly global campaign.
  • Softonic Performance Advertising

    At Softonic you can also create performance based campaigns, using some of our products such as the Softonic Downloader and Softonic Ads.

  • Softonic E-mail marketing

    • Campaigns targeted to users with high interest in software and new technology.
    • Reach your ideal audience with segmented offers and behavioral targeting.
    • Take advantage of our Global Service with planning, segmentation, email send out & reporting.

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Policies and Technical Specifications

Please click on the link to see our Technical Specifications

Softonic Products

  • Softonic Ads

    Softonic ads improves your online visibility and the distribution of your software and online campaigns

    Softonic ADS is an advertising and software distribution system developed by Softonic and designed to cover the advertising needs of software publishers and vendors in the various Softonic websites looking for performance marketing

    • Softonic Ads offers these great benefits for your business:

      • Attract users who actively search for your software.
      • Boost your market share.
      • Move your software’s listing to the top of the search results and category pages.
      • Increase downloads and improve your organic ranking.
    • Create CPC and CPD ads with the following targeting options:

      Language, Country IP, Platform, Category, Keywords

    • Discover these great features:

      • Performance based pricing.
      • Internal bidding system that guarantees you always pay the lowest price.
      • Self-managed tool means you are in complete control of your campaign.
      • Campaign and conversion tracking.
      • No minimum budget.
      • Hassle-free, monthly automatic billing.

    To get started, visit Softonic Ads and begin advertising today!

    For more information please contact: [javascript protected email address]

  • Softonic Downloader

    • Scope and coverage

      This policy document applies to all recommended software offers (the "Offers") advertised through the Softonic Downloader ("SD"). It covers the functionality of Offers (the "Purpose"), the Offer installation and uninstallation process, the way the Offers are presented to users ("Offer Screen") and certain the legal aspects related to third party software distribution.

    • Basic rules and principles

      • The software the subject of an Offer must work, that is, it must deliver a valuable Purpose to users, and
      • The Offer Screen must reflect the Purpose, with clear disclosure about what the Offer does, and
      • The installation and uninstallation process related to the Offer must be clear, simple, and easy to execute for the user.
    • Offer executable file

      • Installation process

        The Offer, during the installation process, must not:

        • Install any products not disclosed to the user within the Offer Screen, or
        • Install more than one product bundled with the core Offer (for example, it must not install an additional toolbar, add-on, etc).

        The Recommended offer can show additional offers during the installation process only if:

        • the offer is compliant with the Softonic Downloader Advertising policy, and
        • the offer is shown in the opt-in format and installed not silently, and
        • the presence of such offers during the installation process is disclosed to the user within the Offer screen.
      • Uninstallation process

        The uninstallation process must:

        • Be available via Windows Control Panel or, in case of browser plugins, via the browser plugin management feature, and
        • Be aligned with the standard software uninstallation process and work correctly, and
        • If additional options are presented to the user, the option to completely remove the software must be the most prominent one, and
        • Once the software is uninstalled, it must not leave any remnants or programs and must not remain active or be automatically re-enabled without being re-installed.

        The Offer, during the uninstallation process, must not:

        • Deceptively warn the user that uninstalling the software will have any adverse effects, or
        • Insert unnecessary steps in order to complete the process (for example, captcha, additional warnings etc).
      • Installed Software behaviour

        After the Offer installation, the installed software must:

        • Provide to the user the promoted functionality as the core feature, and
        • Any additional feature/add-on needs to be clearly attributed to the software the subject of the Offer (that is, it needs to be clear to the user that the abovementioned feature belongs to the installed Offer).

        The installed Offer software must not:

        • Impede or reduce the functionality of any other products or websites, or
        • Use any third-party trademarks, copyrighted material, or trade secrets without explicit written consent from the owner of such intellectual property rights, or
        • Contain advertisements that are misleading or deceptive in nature, or
        • Present any additional offers on first launch (whether within the product, via a popup, etc.), or
        • Change the user’s default provider, web proxy, security or other changes to user settings, unless this is the core functionality of the Offer, or
        • Transmit information from the user’s computer system that are not a result of direct interaction of the user with the Offer software, or
        • Generate pop-up advertisements, create advertising "text links", or inject advertisements into websites not owned by the author of the Offer.

        The installed Offer software can show relevant and contextualised offers/ads only if:

        • the offer looks like a notification/alert from the windows system tray or a browser’s plug-in, and
        • is clearly identifiable showing the name and/or logo of the program,
        • at least a hide/snooze button is available to the user.
    • Offer Screen

      The Offer Screen must:

      • Show in a clear way the Purpose of the Offer software, and
      • Show full disclosure about additional components and installation options, and allow the user to select the wanted and unwanted features via checkboxes, and
      • In case of toolbars and/or Offers that modify browser homepage, default new tab, browser’s search provider, the Offer Screen must provide the option to manually select/unselect each single feature of the Offer, and
      • Show full disclosure about additional components/framework that may be required, and
      • Present in a clear way the software Privacy Policy (including information in relation to the use of cookies) and the end user license agreement, to be accepted by the user prior to installation, and,
      • Show a notification that installation of the software will start automatically ("silent installation"), where relevant, and,
      • In case of a trial Offer software or in case of Offer software that provides limited functionalities, the software limitations compared to the full version must be disclosed, and
      • Any information that is collected or transmitted about the user or their computer, regardless of it being personally identifiable, must be fully disclosed to the user; the software must clearly disclose the type of information being collected and the method of collection; in addition to this, the location of the privacy policy must be clearly communicated and easily accessible to the user, and
      • Any transmission of personally-identifiable information requires explicit user notification and consent before collection and/or transmission.
    • Prohibited content

      The Offer and Offer Screen must not include nor advertise content related to:

      • Malware, spyware, virus or potential threats, or
      • Software Piracy, or
      • Drugs, tobacco, firearms, illegal substances or explosive material, or
      • Sexual content, nudity, or
      • Violence, racism, obscenity of other forms (including defamatory, libellous, threatening or other material that advocates against any individual or group), or
      • Gambling
    • Softonic’s final approval

      All the Recommended offers and campaigns are subject to the final approval of Softonic. Additionally, Softonic reserves the right to:

      • Reject any deal or creative assets in breach of its policies, or considered harmful to its image or interests, and
      • Remove without previous notice any advertisement considered harmful to the user or the website’s image.

    Softonic reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate campaigns in breach of this policy.

  • Softonic Moba

    Softonic Moba our app for mobile devices offers the option of having sponsored downloads through the app, as well as branded hubs on the app’s home page. This format has a lot of impact and it’s a perfect branding and promotion opportunity for the ever growing mobile device user market.

    For more information please contact: [javascript protected email address]