Softonic Security Seal

  • More than 30 antivirus engines

    To guarantee that our programs are virus free, we scan them with more than 30 antivirus engines.

  • Frequent scans

    To be extra sure, we scan all our programs regularly, not just once.

  • Safe alternatives

    If the program you were looking for is suspected of containing a virus, we will offer you safe alternatives.


  • Why use so many antiviruses? Isn't one enough?

    As new viruses and threats are always appearing, using just one antivirus doesn't guarantee detection in 100% of cases. Using more than one antivirus means that the results are more reliable, whether the file is infected or not.

  • If a program is marked virus free, does that mean it is 100% safe?

    Virus developers try to trick antivirus engines and sometimes they succeed -although less than 1% of the time. As a result, just one antivirus can't guarantee that a program is 100% virus free. Using more than 30 antivirus engines, however, completely guarantees that that the file is safe.

  • Why do you say that a program is virus free if one antivirus says it is suspicious?

    Occasionally, an antivirus can classify a safe program as suspicious if it confuses its functions with symptoms of a virus. If this happens, we check manually to see if it is a false alarm or not.

  • Why do you let people download programs suspected of containing a virus or malware?

    For various reasons. The first one is to warn people who are looking for a specific program, but don't realize that it could be dangerous, and to provide them with an alternative. Secondly, on rare occasions, the antiviruses give a false alarm, detecting certain programs as suspicious when they are actually safe.

  • So are you saying that there are dangerous programs on Softonic?

    No. If we confirm that a suspicious program actually has a virus, we either don't publish it or remove it immediately if it is already online.

  • Can I stop using an antivirus on my PC now?

    No. We recommend that you use an antivirus on your PC so that it can offer you real-time protection against infections from other sources, for example, through email or from visiting dangerous webpages.

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