10 apps and games to show off your new iPad

10 apps and games to show off your new iPad

The new iPad (officially titled ‘new iPad’) will be released on the world tomorrow and we’ve been thinking about the apps that will best show off its impressive hardware capabilities.

Of course, we’ll soon see the release of plenty of new apps and games designed to take advantage of the retina display, A5X processor and improved camera specs. But there are already a bunch of great iPad apps and games available that will look stunning on the new tablet.

We’ve already seen some of the new and enhanced applications designed with the New iPad in mind. Check our post from last week for more about iPhoto and the overhauls to GarageBand, iMovie and iWork. But here are our recommendations for what should be the first apps you install on your new iPad:


Photoshop Touch

Announced last month, the new iPad version of Photoshop will benefit from the crystal clarity of the retina display and the quad core graphics capabilities of the new iPad. Images will not only look much sharper, but heavy duty editing will be quick and painless.

National Geographic Magazine

If you’re a fan of planet Earth (and who isn’t?) the National Geographic experience on your New iPad will blow you away. The iPad-optimized magazine lets you explore the world through excellent maps, superb photography, gorgeously presented articles and games. With the new retina display, the stunning visuals of National Geographic will really come to life in your hands.


Reading on the iPad is about to get even more enjoyable thanks to its improved screen. The new 2048 x 1536 resolution display will make text much crisper when reading. Install iBooks and you’ll get access to thousands of best-selling electronic books, which you can enjoy through a wonderfully simple reader. The Apple app has already been optimized to make the text even sharper on the new iPad.


Vimeo is a video sharing site with lots of high quality movies and clips. Watching videos in HD will be an incredible experience on the new iPad and Vimeo is a great app to really put its display to the test. Besides just watching movies, Vimeo also lets you edit your own before sharing them with other users.

Google Earth

Google Earth puts the whole world in the palm(s) of your hand(s), allowing you to view satellite images of our great planet on your shiny new iPad. It lets you discover so much about our world through its swipe-based interface, including the ability to search for anything on Earth and get more information about it.


Infinity Blade: Dungeons

Infinity Blade: Dungeons is the prequel to the popular iOS slasher, Infinity Blade. The new game was used by Apple at the new iPad launch to showcase the potential of the new graphics chip in the tablet. The new game universe looks spectacular and if the gameplay is anything like the last version, it’ll be awesome.

Mass Effect: Infiltrator

Released at the same time as Mass Effect 3, ME: Infiltrator is a side story to the main game. It boasts sharp graphics and smooth animations that will really shine on the new iPad. The on-screen controls used in the game are very intelligent compared with other iOS shooters, making for a great playing experience.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown

This huge iPad action-adventure game is a must for comic book fans. The game uses the Unreal 3 Engine to deliver detailed graphics, with main characters that look more alive than in any other title on the iOS platform. Couple these moody graphics with Arkham City Lockdown’s dark orchestral background, and you get a new iPad gaming experience not to be missed.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

This critically-acclaimed action adventure is quite old now, but it’s still one of the most artistically refined iOS games out there. You must journey through a mystical land solving riddles and fending off bad guys with swords and magic. The pixel art environments look great but it’s the sound that really hits you. The natural sound effects and moody music will sound delightful on the new iPad.

Real Racing 2 HD

Already the most realistic driving game for iPad, Real Racing 2 HD is going to look and play even better with the beefed up specs of the new Apple tablet. Real Racing 2 HD has everything you could want from a racing game: sharp graphics, smooth animation at high speeds, and intense gameplay. We’re looking forward to kicking ass at online multiplayer on a 4G connection, too!

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