10 invites for the netbook OS Jolicloud Alpha

10 invites for the netbook OS Jolicloud Alpha

Update: I sent invites to the first 10 people to comment. However, anyone can now download the pre-beta for Jolicloud here.  Enjoy!

There has been much attention given to Google Chromium OS over the last few weeks (here at OnSoftware as much as anywhere else). This is hardly surprising, given that a lot of netbook owners share the dream of an ultra light, fast-booting OS targeted at the web.

As we’ve seen from trying Chromium OS out, Google have a long way to go before they’ve got anything that vaguely resembles a functioning operating system. So while you wait for a workable beta (hopefully some time next year) – why not try the best alternative on the market?


Jolicloud is a light, fast web-focused Linux distro based on Ubuntu. It has a fairly smart one-click-to-install user interface, fast boot times and relatively low power consumption. It feels more ‘built for netbooks’ than Windows 7 and is simple enough for even the most novice of users. We’ve been testing Jolicloud for a few months now and we really like it.

Unlike Chromium OS, Jolicloud lets more advanced users do what they want, so key elements of the Gnome/Linux OS are still accessible via the terminal. Another big criticism of Google’s OS is its insistence on being connected to the Internet all the time. Jolicloud, meanwhile, supports more local storage options and lets you install VLC Player along with other powerful offline apps.


We’ve got 10 invites for the Jolicloud alpha, so to get your hands on this cool little OS, simply leave a comment below telling us what you’re planning to do with your smart new Jolicloud-powered netbook.

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