10 must have apps for the Nexus 5

10 must have apps for the Nexus 5

Google’s Nexus 5 is a beast to be tamed with the right applications. Here, we introduce ten must-have apps to install on your new Nexus 5.

Trigger for AndroidTrigger: Automatically control apps depending on your surroundings

The Nexus 5 is a phone loaded with all kinds of sensors. With Trigger, you can set your phone to run applications, turn off Wi-Fi, scan an NFC tag, or close programs when the battery is low, depending on where you are or what you’re doing.

Superbeam for AndroidSuperBeam: send files at the speed of light

The easiest way to share files is through a direct Wi-Fi connection. With Superbeam, pair two phones using NFC or QR codes and the files will be transferred from one mobile to the other at super high speeds.

uTorrent for AndroiduTorrent: download everything directly to your Nexus

Downloading from your PC seems silly when you have a phone like the Nexus 5. Instead of using your PC, use the uTorrent app to download files directly to your Nexus 5.

Airdroid for AndroidAirDroid: management and backups from your browser

AirDroid is a the perfect safety net for your Nexus 5. It not only lets you manage your phone from a browser, but is also the perfect tool for making and restoring backups.

DashClock Widget for AndroidDashClock Widget: notifications when you most need them

Imagine being able to see how much battery is left on your Nexus 5, the number of unread messages you have, or the time, directly from the lock screen. With DashClock, it’s all possible, making us wonder why such an app doesn’t come stocked on Android?

Viber for AndroidViber: now you can make video calls

If you’re a fan of message apps, Viber is one that’s great for making free voice and video calls. It’s perfect for the Nexus 5, since LTE 4G connections are standard on the phone.

Camera Zoom FX for AndroidCamera Zoom FX: a camera app for professionals

Cameras on Nexus devices have never been known for their quality, and unfortunately, the Nexus 5 is no exception. The default photo app provided by Android doesn’t help either. The solution? Camera Zoom FX, a powerful camera with multiple shooting modes and various options for photo processing.

Nova Launcher for AndroidNova Launcher: the definitive app launcher

If you’re not happy with the launcher that comes with Android KitKat 4.4, try Nova Launcher. It’s got a larger screen, more space for icons, and the ability to customize freely.

MX Player for AndroidMX Player: HD quality videos on the go

Its likely that what’ll happen with your Nexus 5 is similar to what’s happened with the Nexus 7 tablet: it makes you want to watch videos. MX Player is a multimedia player that hits all the right notes. Another equally good option?VLC for Android.

Power Toggles for AndroidPower Toggles: turn on and off with a single touch

The best way to save battery life? Disable sensors and antennas when you don’t need them. The Android menu makes this a little easier to do, but the fastest way is by using Power Toggles.

What apps are your must-haves for the Nexus 5?

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