10 Photoshop actions for easy photo editing

This is not the first time we’ve covered with Photoshop actions on the blog. We’ve already showed you how to create them, and also how to install and use them. But with thousands of actions available on the web, how can you find the most suitable ones for your photo editing needs? Worry not: we’ve done the hard work for you. Here’s a list of useful Photoshop actions you can use for different purposes, from basic photo retouching to applying a striking effect in a couple of clicks. Enjoy!

Photoshop actions for easy photo editing

Polaroid Generator – A pack of 9 actions that enable you to recreate fake Polaroid pictures.

Hand-Colored Vintage – Turn your photos into dusty old images, with scratches and all.

Pseudo HDR – Mimic a High Dynamic Range effect without having to take a dozen shots.

Soften skin – Clean the skin in your portraits while keeping original textures and a natural look.

Edge Effects – A pack of 8 actions that let you add different edge effects to your images.

Color Actions – Apply diverse color filters to spice up your photos.

Page Curl – Make one of the four corners of your image curl in one click.

Tack-it! – Pin your photo to a virtual bulletin board, with lots of customization options.

Comics – Make your images look like a comic strip.

The Big Picture – Turn your photos into a collage made up of 25 individual images.

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