10 quick tips for KartRider

Take to the tracks with KartRiderKartRider is becoming something of a phenomenon among gamers looking to reinact those fast-living times of playing racers like Mario Kart or Gran Turismo. Thousands are now going online to burn rubber with other drivers from all over the World. If you’ve not tried KartRider yet then you can get it from here. It’s free to play and a whole lot of fun. There are some serious motorheads cruising those circuits mind you, so if you want to gain a bit of a competitive edge check out these useful tips:

  • Give yourself a speed boost off the the starting line by pressing Up just before ‘START’
  • If you get hit by a missile, hit Up when you land on the ground and you’ll get a boost
  • Bob your head while driving and you’ll accelerate quicker towards full speed
  • To fall quicker from water attacks, keep tapping the left and right buttons quickly
  • If you get stuck or end up facing backwards, hit ‘R’ to return to the middle
  • Press Shift and Up before the race for some decorative flares for your kart
  • After drifting let go of the accelarate button and then hold it down again really quickly
  • Press F11 to turn KartRider into a window
  • To raise a cheer while you’re on the podium simply press the Up button
  • An alternative way of drifting is to hold down the ‘Z’ key

For more cheats and hints on KartRider, check out the KartRiding forum or try Moofey’s guide to boosting.

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