Angry Birds Go!: 10 tips to be a master racer

Angry Birds Go!: 10 tips to be a master racer

Angry Birds Go! is the karting game from the world’s most famous birds. If you want to be a firecracker at the wheel, then you really don’t want to miss out on these tips and tricks.

Angry Birds Go! brings our favorite birds and pigs out of their natural habitat and puts them on the go-karting track. As with the games in the main series, understanding the gameplay of Go! is simple, but if you want to be the best driver, you should consider a strategy. We’ll give you a few tips so that you can earn coins easier, improve your vehicles, get new drivers and, ultimately, get everything you can out of this fun game from Rovio.

Get to know the circuit

The circuits in Angry Birds Go! aren’t complicated, but you’ll need to do a first lap to avoid falling at the first hurdle, as there are often traps. The best way to go around the circuit the first time is to have a race with other machine-controlled players: these races require less engine capacity (CC). It’s shown in the menu with the flag icon.

Get to know the tracks

Regular races are best for getting to know the circuit

Once you do this first race, you’ll probably know all you need to about a circuit which, to get all you can out of each level, you’ll probably play dozens of times!

Use professional driving techniques

In Angry Birds Go!, the cars don’t accelerate or brake, you just have to control your direction. However, you can benefit from some advanced techniques to get ahead of your rivals. For example, take advantage of slipstream, i.e. the forward “suction” that’s generated when you tuck in behind another driver, will give your speed a boost. There are also speed accelerators throughout the circuit, which are the panels with the arrows. Use them whenever you can; they can be just what you need to overcome an opponent at the last second.

Drive like a pro Accelerator panels give you a boost that can sometimes be the key to winning

Don’t waste powerups

One way to gain on your opponents is to use powerups. These are available in the top of the screen, paid in coins or through sponsors. Instinct makes you want to use powerups at the first hurdle, but don’t do it! Earning coins in the game isn’t easy and sponsored powers are not infinite. Think about when you really need a powerup. Is it worth spending 150 coins on this race? Do you really need a speed boost when you’re already in first position? Trust me, in most cases you don’t need powerups to win races.

There's a time and place for powerups Use powerups only when strictly necessary

Don’t worry if you don’t pass a challenge on the first try

Some Angry Birds Go! races contain several challenges that you have to overcome, like finishing in the top 3, avoid crashing into more than 5 objects, and beating one of your friends. Maybe you’ve driven a great race, finished on top and been the first of your friends, but you’ve hit 6 objects. There’s no real problem here because if you repeat the race, the challenges you’ve already achieved are saved so that you can concentrate on the remaining challenge.

If at first you don't succeed... Relax! Next time you’ll get those challenges!

Save your money for upgrading your kart

As I already mentioned, when you’ve got money, there’s an urge to spend it on powerups. Avoid the urge! It’s wiser to invest in a better kart and enhance what you already have. Each kart improvement you buy not only enhances vehicle performance, it also increases their engine capacity (CC), which is essential for unlocking new races and challenges. It’ll become increasingly difficult to buy upgrades for your karts as you progress through the game, but it’s definitely worth saving your money to do so.

Bling out your vehicle Spend your money on your karts

Repeat races to get money quickly

Want to advance in Angry Birds Go! but don’t have money to increase your kart’s CC? Repeat races you’ve already unlocked to make money quickly. The easiest way to make money is doing a VS race: you earn coins for being first, plus you get to do the circuit again.

Repeated races mean extra cash

With VS, you can earn coins easily

Take advantage of each character’s abilities

In each race, you have a free skill for the character you’re racing. In some races, you won’t need to use it but in others, you have to in order to complete the level. Before beginning a race, check the race objectives and then select a character according to their specific skill. For example, if you’re racing on a track with lots of obstacles, the pink bird will be super useful, because its power consists of encasing itself in a bubble that makes it indestructable for a few seconds. Another example: if you’re about to start a race where you have to finish first, then you should select a more aggressive character, like the red bird (the first one you’ll get), which really drives itself forward and, even more importantly, attacks the opponent in front of you.

Different characters have special abilities There’s a special character power for each race

Don’t waste gems

In some races and challenges you’ll get gems, but far fewer than coins. The reason? They’re the currency of the game, and getting them for free is much more difficult. Considering you’ll have few gems, don’t use them without reason: put them to good use. For example, saving enough of them will get you a kart that’s otherwise impossible to achieve. It’s better to do that that than to spend them on fuel for your birds. For fuel, it’s easier (and cheaper) to rest your birds for a few hours and get back on the track as soon as they’re awake again.

Spend your gems wisely Your drivers also deserve a rest! Save your gems and let them sleep.

If you don’t complete a challenge, don’t let it get to you

Some challenges in Angry Birds Go! are tough to beat. For example, Boom Time (the time trial game mode) will occasionally beat you, or there may be no way to get the bird to shift in Champion Chase. In cases like this, don’t let it stress you out. Maybe your car isn’t prepared for the challenge or you’re just not having a good day. Try another race, upgrade your car (if you can) and you’ll see that when you return to the race that beat you, you’ll pass it with flying colors.

Relax, it's just a game! Next time you’ll overcome that challenge for sure

Above all…enjoy!

This guide will hopefully help you get the best out of Angry Birds Go!, but the most useful advice we can give you is to let go and enjoy this fun game. Use the advice that best suits your style of gameplay and get racing!

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