10 weirdest programs you’ll find on Softonic

robot.pngThe Home and Hobbies category at Softonic is filled with all sorts of applications, from online auction managers and lottery calculators to diet and sports programs which monitor your health. There’s also a fair amount of prank programs and more esoteric apps for fans of astrology and biorhythm analysis. If you’re looking for a good time-waster or a program that steps away from the norm, there’s a good chance you’ll find it here. We conjured up a list of 10 programs which we consider out of the ordinary, and that you might find you like.

  1. Crazy Talk : make your own walking and talking avatar
  2. Auction Sentry : win online auctions at the last minute
  3. Pepakura Designer : if you’re an origami fan
  4. Hair Pro 2006 Light : test out crazy haircuts on your PC
  5. Room Arranger : redecorate your whole room without breaking your back
  6. Lucky Days : pick the right day to play the lottery
  7. Paper Airplane Factory : ever made a 747 out of paper?
  8. Dr. Windows : set prank error messages on your PC
  9. Everything I Own! : type up a complete inventory of your belongings
  10. Funny Voice : play on the pitch of your voice

Let us know if there’s a particular curiosity you’re fond of…

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