100 iPod resources to study better

100 iPod resources to study better

popquiz.pngAdmit it, if you’re at school and have an iPod, you’ve probably been caught watching a video, showing off your photos or just playing a tune instead of actually listening to a boring lecture.

Well, if you want to redeem yourself in the eyes of your parents and teachers, and show them that your iPod can actually contribute to your education, take a look at this list of 100 iPod education resources from The Online Education Database (OEDB). It includes study guides, podcasts, tutorials, applications, and more. Everything to become the brightest element of the class.

Let’s start with study guides and podcast lessons. To prepare for an exam anywhere, anytime, read up from guides like Spark Notes or Raybook and listen to the SAT Vocabulary Builder‘s hip hop session to learn tricky words. For foreign students, ESL Podcasts are a great way to learn the language of Shakespeare on the way to University. iPod Spanish to Go will teach you all the secrets of the Latin tongue. If you prefer listening to lively discussion between experts and professors, listen up on both NPR Science Friday and the Philosophy Talk.

iPod applications abound, but finding the ones only useful for studying can be a little difficult. Use CopyTrans to backup and sync all the guides, flash cards and notes you’ve crammed into your iPod back onto your computer. If you want to do just the opposite, iGadget is what you need. This program prepares everything into an iPod friendly format. Looking for a place to study which offers a WiFi connection? Use WiPod to find it.

Finally, those of you wanting to get a head start at college can start studying lessons and lectures from many universities, like Stanford, Berkeley, Northeastern or Queen’s University, which are among a few to offer their lectures in podcast format on iTunes ready to download.

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