11 reasons you will be wearing a smartwatch this year

11 reasons you will be wearing a smartwatch this year

2015 is the year of the smartwatch. Not convinced? Here are 11 reasons you’ll be wearing one before the year ends:

1: Apple made one!

Apple Watch Messages
Love it or hate it, Apple is great at convincing us we need something when perhaps we don’t. With Apple Watch just around the corner, a smartwatch just got that much harder to resist. Not many of us had smartphones or tablets before Apple showed us why we “needed” them, don’t bet against it doing it again.

2: … and Android users can play too!

LG and Huawei are trying to grab the luxury smartwatch market too with the Huawei Watch and LG Urbane. Designed to look like classic luxury watches, it’s like having a Rolex you can talk to.

3: You want to get fit

Smartwatches want to make you healthier. By tracking your movement and heart rate, smartwatches will know how healthy you are and they can remind you to exercise more and get in shape. A smartwatch could be the personal trainer you’ve always needed. Or it could be the personal trainer you take off your wrist and “forget” to charge…

4: You want to live in the future

Let’s face it, making a call from your watch is only a step away from flying cars and hoverboards. If you grew up dreaming of that kind of future, it looks like it’s arrived. How could you resist?

5: You have too much money

What better way to prove it to everyone in 2015 than with an Apple Watch Limited Edition? Starting at a cool $10,000, it’s the ideal way to say “I can afford to spend this again next year when Apple Watch 2 comes out.”

6: You want to save your phone battery life

That huge screen on your phone eats your battery whenever it’s on. With a smartwatch, you’ll wake your phone less often, which could help it last longer. Or the constant Bluetooth tethering could run it down faster, but let’s not think about that too much.

7: You didn’t read this article

Jon Riggall explained gave you five reasons not to get a smartwatch, but you wouldn’t listen, would you?

8: You’re a social media addict

Apple Watch Twitter
A smartwatch is the perfect way to keep track of social media – you can get all your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr notifications delivered straight to your wrist. With the Apple watch, it will even alert you every time something happens (if you want it to).

9: You can check your smart watch more discretely than your phone

We’ve all been there – you pull out your phone to check Twitter or Facebook, and someone complains that “oh, people never have conversations any more, they are always staring at their phone!”

Instead of explaining patiently that it’s the 21st Century, that’s just how people live nowadays and stop being such a luddite, you just glance at your wrist instead. They will barely notice.

10: You want to be even more connected to the office

Imagine Outlook notifications on your wrist! You’ll be even closer to the office, wherever you are!

11. You want to be part of the crowd

Android Wear

If the industry analysts are correct, we’ll all have smartwatches eventually: you don’t want to be left out! Get one soon, and your friends will think you’re a trendsetter.

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