200 Leopard shortcuts for the new year

leopard-cd-200.jpgSo the new year has started and one of your resolutions is to work better and be more productive. One way to achieve this is by learning the key shortcuts for the brand new Mac OS Leopard you got for Christmas. UsingMac.com have created a list of 200 different shortcuts for the latest version of the Mac operating system.

You’ll find 18 basic shortcuts for your files and others for more specific sections of Leopard such as Spaces, Dashboard, Spotlight, Front Row and the Dock. The list also include shortcuts to enable full keyboard access, printing your screen, universal access and start up. If you’re a fan of Mac software you’ll also enjoy the shortcuts for Safari, iTunes and the Address Book. UsincMac.com also includes a few shortcuts for everyone’s favorite image editor, Photoshop. In all, a very handy list to make better use of Leopard, get familiarized with your Mac and start off the new year productively.

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