2014 World Cup: Softonic editors go head-to-head in a FIFA 14 final [video]

The way this year’s 2014 World Cup has been going, it’s almost impossible to guess who’ll win the tournament in Brazil, although that doesn’t mean we haven’t tried guessing. Of course, being Softonic, we predicted the results of the game the best way we could: playing FIFA 14.

Recreating (or maybe forecasting) the final between Germany and Argentina, four of our Softonic editors, including two from both Argentina and Germany, went head to head to see who could win the World Cup trophy, at least in virtual reality. Is it the Germans with veteran Klose and golden-boy Müller, or the passionate Argentinians with powerhouse and world’s best player Messi?

We can’t predict what’ll happen on Sunday, but we certainly had a winner in the Softonic World Cup. Check out the video below to see who it was and whether our not-so-scientific predictions can hold up on Sunday.

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If you still haven’t taken advantage of social media this World Cup, take a look at our tips for following all the action of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil on Twitter.

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