2016’s best technology themed April Fools’ pranks – did any get you?

2016’s best technology themed April Fools’ pranks – did any get you?

April Fools’ Day has come and gone again, and if you were online at all on the April 1st then there is a good chance you spent at least a few moments trying to separate fact from fiction. So, on the off-chance that you are still pondering what was real, here are the craziest April Fools gags that caught our eye from some of the biggest tech companies.


YouTube really pushed the boat out this year with SnoopVision, a tool that would let you enjoy all videos in 360 degrees… with Snoop Dog! Now you can watch every single clip as though you are sat in a theater with the D-O-double-G.

Google Cardboard

Google went even further with its augmented reality leg pulling by giving Google Cardboard an expansion, Google Cardboard Plastic. Yes, its just a transparent plastic box that offers a door way into a reality with breath taking visuals.


Rather than offering a virtual experience, T-Mobile, has delivered a completely new way to enjoy your mobile hands free. Best of all, it looks really stylish. Seriously, if you fell for this one we are worried about you.


If you want more than vision, then OneTable is about to take your digital experience one step further with lick-o-vision. Really don’t do this one, most phones are filthy.


Rather than improving your digital life Samsung introduced something more real world, internet enabled pants. These make sure you always know when your flies open, which could actually be more useful than it sounds.

Samsung IoT


Still on clothing, H&M unveiled the Mark Zuckerberg collection which allows you to dress like a billionaire. Well, providing all that billionaire ever seems to wear are a pair of jeans and a gray T-shirt.

H&M Mark

Google Netherlands

With all of Google’s work on self-drive cars, Google Netherlands decided to create something far more environmentally friendly, self-driving bikes. This maybe the only video that will have you scratching your head and wondering how they did it.


Unfortunately not every joke if appreciated, like Gmail’s Minion mic drop. Showing a GIF of one of the yellow Minions dropping a mic, this little joke would actually prevent you from replying to a message if it turned up in your inbox. Funny, but frustrating if it is something important.

Spot any other great April fool gags? Let us know in the comments!

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