25 cool yet unknown Leopard features

25 cool yet unknown Leopard features

Mac OS X LeopardBought a new Mac and still getting to grips with Leopard? The best thing to do is play around with your new system, open up applications, try things out and look into the settings. The next best place to turn to is the Apple website and its page which describes all the new features that you get in the new OS X, from Quick Look to Time Machine or Spaces. It gives you a good roundup of all the improvements you get in Leopard and what they are used for.

It would be a shame to overlook features that might make things easier for you. I know that many Leopard users now can’t live without Time Machine to keep regular backups of their files or Quick Look to browse through files.

ComputerWorld have also filed a very comprehensive list of lesser known yet excellent Leopard features. Some of them, like ‘Automator workflow starting points’ or ‘tabs and window groups in Terminal’, will mostly be of interest to more technical users. For other users, here are a few I recommend you to discover:

  • File-sharing user account – limit access to some files to certain users. Great for sharing only music with Bob and pictures with Jane.
  • Saved Spotlight searches in Finder sidebar – so you don’t have to start searching all over again for files.
  • Guest log-in – Create specific accounts for your friends so they don’t have access to your personal stuff.
  • PDF editing in Preview – Open up a PDF and add some changes to it straight from Preview
  • Resizable partitions – No more having to reformat your disk to resize partitions in Disk Utility

If there are some Leopard features that you really like, let us know what they are and why.

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