iPad 2 offers lots of great software options

iPad 2 offers lots of great software options

Today in San Francisco Apple unveiled its latest version of the iPad, to be shipped starting in the US on March 11. Some improvements like two built-in cameras and the sleeker, thinner tablet body were expected. It was the software demonstrations that really shined though. When Apple starts shipping the new iPad next Friday there will be a lot of great tools that have been reworked specifically for the popular tablet, as well as an update to Apple’s mobile operating system that the iPad runs on.Aggressively touted at the press conference were the multi-faceted movie editing program iMovie and GarageBand, Apple’s own music creation tool. Both are already available on Macs through the iLife suite but will now also be available for purchase on the iPad on the day it’s released. iMovie seems particularly impressive and will boast more than fifty different sound effects, as well as music that auto-switches based on the chosen theme of your video.

In addition, Apple also introduced Photo Booth and demonstrated how new iPad users could snap pictures and edit them for the first time on the new and improved tablet now that it has two built-in cameras. The cameras, of course, lead to another great development: the ability to make video calls with Face Time. Video calls can now be made between the iPhone 4 or a Mac computer and the new iPad, something that a lot of iPad users have been hoping for.

Lastly, Apple described some of the improvements that will come with the iOS 4.3 update, which is purported to include improved Safari performance, as well as iTunes home sharing options by way of wireless media streaming. Overall, this seems to be a big step forward for the popular tablet. With over 65,000 iPad-compatible apps available for purchase and download, there seems to be no end in sight for Apple’s innovations and success in the tablet market.

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