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3 apps to help you budget and track your spending

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Groceries. Coffee. Movies. Whatever you spend your money on, sometimes it can be difficult to keep track. But with the help of a budgeting app, it’s easy to see where the majority of your spending money is going. If you want to get better at creating a budget and sticking with it, check out these three apps below.

3 apps to help you budget and track your spending

Mint Personal Finance Download Free ►
Mint is a tried-and-true budgeting app. In fact, it is one of the best-known finance apps on the market. With Mint, you can track your spending through your credit cards. Mint will sort every transaction you've made into different categories such as food, bills, and rent. Then you will be able to create a custom budget and see how your actual monthly spending compares with your set budget. This is a great way to organize your purchases and see what categories you spend the most on.
Fudget: Budget and expense tracking app Download Free ►
Fudget is great for anyone who wants a simple way to keep track of their spending. This app is extremely simple to use and can help you plan short-term budgets. For example, if you want to save up for a vacation in six months, Fudget can help you set a budget to ensure you will have enough money saved up for the trip of a lifetime. The best part of the app? It's free! That means that you can create a budget without any added cost.
PocketGuard Download Free ►
Do you ever find yourself wondering how much money you can afford to spend each day? With PocketGuard, you can set a custom budget, and it will create a goal for how much to spend every day so you can stay on track. Because you connect PocketGuard to your credit cards and bank account, it can calculate your monthly expense and set a goal for how much you can afford to spend without going over your budget.

There’s no need to manage your money alone. If you need help staying on track with your spending or creating a budget, these apps are here to help you save money.

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