3 free ways to paint on your Mac

3 free ways to paint on your Mac

There’s nothing better than a good doodle sometimes and there are some great free Mac paint apps that for all ages. If you’ve got kids, paint applications are a cleaner alternative to having them get their hands dirty without stifling their creativity. Plus you can use far more tools and brushes than you’d normally have available in real life. Here are three of the best free paint applications I’ve used on the Mac:

Scribbles logoScribbles My personal favourite because it’s so easy to use yet allows you to be really creative. Scribbles is so easy that anyone can use it, especially young kids. On startup, you’re presented with a blank canvas and a round dot which is your paintbrush. You can spray in a variety of different styles such as a simple spraycan, an elegant calligraphy font or messy “goo”.

Paintbrush logoPaintbrush One of Softonic’s top Mac downloads, Paintbrush is a clone of MSPaint and is suitable for all those that need a little bit more control and features than Scribbles. Again, Paintbrush is extremely simple. You have a floating toolbox which allows you to change your painting tool, erase sketches, change color and more. Paintbrush is aimed at those that want to sketch something more serious than dodgy smiley faces and houses.

Helios Paint logoHelios Paint A cross platform Java based paint app which is probably the most complex of the three but also allows you to create the most technical images. It’s aimed more at those that want accurately measure out lines, plot axis and generally produce more exacting images. The fact that it’s based on Java though means that it can run rather sluggishly at times.

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