3 services to make Twitter fun again

3 services to make Twitter fun again

Admit it. With Google+ opening to the public and all the recent changes to Facebook, Twitter is starting to feel a little dull. There’s no shame in admitting you haven’t browsed your Twitter feed in two weeks – or longer. If you want to get back into regular tweeting, there are a few handy apps and a full-featured client out there that should do the trick.


Google+ is pretty amazing. With integration into a navigation bar from almost any page Google owns, it’s certainly easy to access. Now you can browse your Twitter feed directly from the G+ interface. What’s even better is you can also do nearly anything you’d be able to do from Twitter’s site. This includes tweeting, reading your feed, starring favorite tweets, viewing your @-replies and even accessing your messages. Google+Tweet is available for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.


If you’ve ever yearned for a chat feature that other social networks like Facebook have, you’ll want to check this out. TweetChat is a web-based app that lets you live chat with other users based on the hashtags they’ve added to their tweets. It works just like a chatroom. Just type in your hashtag to enter the “room”, and you’re good to go. It’s a great way to hold conversations with people, as well as to find new users to follow.


If you’re following a good amount of users, you’ve probably noticed that some of them tweet a lot more than others. This sometimes results in drowning out of less frequent tweeters. Shuush turns the tables and makes it easier to locate and read quieter users who make an appearance on your Twitter follow list. The web-based service ranks the Twitter users you follow on a scale of 1 to 11 based on how frequently (11) or infrequently (1) they’ve been tweeting since they joined. The higher their frequency, the smaller the text of their tweets appear in the feed this web app generates. Shuush even gives you your own numerical chattiness level. Never overlook an important tweet again!

And there you have it – three simple apps that will substantially enrich your experience with Twitter, make it more interactive and even ease access to your tweets throughout the day.

What are your favorite apps and add-ons that enhance your time on Twitter?

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