3GSM: end of conference round-up

3GSM: end of conference round-up

3gsm-icon-1.pngGiven that Softonic (and, for that matter, iT) is based in Barcelona, it should come as no surprise that we attended the 3GSM World Congress which came to a close today.

It’s got to be said that much as the conference is always good fun, 3GSM 2007 lacked some of the big technology leaps that it’s played host to in past years. Last year was certainly the year of mobile TV and that particular trend seems to remain popular – it was still the dominant new technology on display. Some new handsets, particularly the LG KE850 Prada handset and the spanking new Nokia E90 Communicator were on display but there wasn’t quite the same level of excitement surrounding this year’s event.

In the mobile software arena, we were lucky enough to have a look at Access’s new Linux Platform (ALP) which promises to be either a welcome alternative to Windows Mobile or a last ditch attempt to save Palm again. Among many major players showcasing their software, we were most impressed by Nero’s Mobile entertainment suite and the improvements which have been made to Adobe’s Flash Mobile platform. Windows Mobile 6 looks quite snazzy but we don’t feel that it includes many important new features. We’d recommend installing SPB’s Mobile Shell on your Windows Mobile 5 device before shelling out on a whole new Pocket PC.

One thing which did seem to have some pulses racing was the increase in adult content for mobile devices. Local newspapers over the last few days have been full of stories about this and there did seem to be more booths dealing in ‘that sort of thing‘ than last year. Not that we were counting.

As usual, the most important thing about 3GSM 2007 will be the deals and developments that it has brought about. We’ll just have to wait until 3GSM 2008 to find out about some of them!

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