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4 best ways to find free Wi-Fi

4 best ways to find free Wi-Fi
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

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These days, being without Wi-Fi for an extended period of time can feel like wandering through the desert in search of water. If you’ve ever felt this way, we’ve got some solutions. There are dozens of tools to find free Wi-Fi networks. Here are four apps or web pages for finding free Wi-Fi, wherever you are.


If you live in Europe, or are traveling there, check out this app: Instabridge. This tool lets you locate over a million Wi-Fi networks worldwide, with a special focus on the Old Continent. Programmers keep this app updated at all times, so you won’t find any obsolete networks. Also, the user community can share passwords for any networks, guaranteeing greater connectivity.

You can use and download this tool for free. Most importantly: don’t forget to share your possible finds with other users…

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Avast’s Wi-Fi Finder

Remember, connecting to a public network isn’t always the best option out there. Since they’re not password-protected, anybody can access them… and we mean anybody. Considering this concern, Avast’s Wi-Fi Finder could be the perfect solution.

This app not only lets you find a Wi-Fi network in a specific place, but it also checks the security before connecting. If the app senses there could be problems, it disconnects you and immediately finds another one. Safety first!

Avast Wi-Fi Finder download free

Places to Work

We love this website: Places to Work. In general, when we need to use the internet for work tasks, we turn to Wi-Fi networks at restaurants, coffee shops, burger places, bars, etc. Wouldn’t you like to have access to exclusive connections in working environments such as coworking spaces or one-day offices?

That’s the mission of Places to Work, an app that finds Wi-Fi networks in all kinds of places where you’re sure to knock out a lot of work.


Airports usually have open Wi-Fi networks without passwords. But in some cases, the connection breaks after a set time and you have to log back in (if it lets you, of course). Here’s where WiFox comes in.

This map is constantly updated with the networks and passwords of the world’s main airports. This way, you just have to locate one and the tool will do the rest.

WiFox download now


We’ll wrap up this list with a bonus track. You can find Wi-Fi networks using Facebook. The popular social network has its own feature for cell phones that does this. Just click on “More” and select “Find Wi-Fi.” Now you’re good to go.

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