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4 Chrome extensions to make you more productive

4 Chrome extensions to make you more productive
Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

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The internet can be an extremely distracting place. You tell yourself you’re going to buckle down and focus, but soon you get distracted and your productively drops. Lucky for you, we’ve found four great Chrome extensions that will take your productivity to new heights!


4 Chrome extensions to make you more productive

1. Noisli

Sometimes it can be tough to focus when everyone around you is chatting. If you work in a busy or loud office, then Noisli is perfect for you. This Chrome extension plays background noise like falling rain or a bonfire to help cancel out the background noise. In addition to the relaxing sounds, Noisli also comes with a timer to help you break down your work into sessions. Finally, one of the best features of all is that Noisli has a built-in text editor to help you gain productivity you while you write.


2. Strict Workflow

This is the Chrome extension for anyone who wants to be as efficient as possible. Strict Workflow lets you set a 25-minute timer that will block all popular, distracting websites so you can focus and get your work done. After your work period, you will get a 5-minute break where all of the popular websites will be available again. This timer system is great for holding yourself accountable while still giving yourself a reward for hard work.

3. Checker Plus for Gmail

This extension is a must-have for Gmail users. With it, you’ll be able to effortlessly stay on top of multiple Gmail accounts without even opening Gmail in Chrome. You’ll receive real-time notifications, and you’ll be able to read, listen to, or delete emails immediately. Other cool features include receiving notifications even when Chrome is closed, monitoring emails with custom labels in your Gmail account, and offline viewing.

4. Pocket

Pocket is the perfect Chrome Extension if you want to be productive without missing out on some seriously interesting articles. With Pocket, you can save any interesting website or article in one simple click. Then, when you’re done with your work you can open your Pocket and check out all the articles that you’ve saved throughout the day. (It’s also our favorite for offline reading situations, like catching up on interesting articles when you’re on a plane.) If you find yourself getting distracted by the latest news of the day, Pocket is the Chrome extension for you!

If you’re looking for a Chrome Extension that will keep you productive, these should fit the bill. Now get to work!

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas

Miranda Lucas is a writer based in Austin, Texas. Since graduating from the University of Michigan, she's written for numerous web-based publications. In her free time, she enjoys running, camping, and learning Spanish. Every year, she asks Santa for a second season of Firefly, but she's starting to think Santa isn't real.

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