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4 of the best gadgets for your garden

Chris Roper


You might be surprised that for a bunch of nerds, one of our favorite places is actually outside in the garden. As much as we love burning our eyes in the blue glow of a screen late at night, there’s nothing better than getting out and having some fresh air every once in a while.

However, while you might be able to tear the nerd away from the tech, you can never truly take the tech out of a nerd. So while we love being outdoors, that doesn’t mean we can’t still take our gadgets outside too.

Today, we’re going to look at four of the best gadgets for your garden, ranging from super advanced down to the slightly more humble. Let’s get started.

1. Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screen – $220

Traveling to the movie theater can be a real chore, and expensive, too. Fortunately, you can set up your own cinema right in your backyard, and make the most of those long summer nights.

This particular model is 12 feet wide, so fire up your 4K projector and a decent set of speakers, and enjoy all of your favorite movies. A motorized pump that inflates the screen from a standard plug is included, and there are tethers and yard stakes to ensure it doesn’t blow into the neighbors garden.

2. Husqvarna Automower – $3,400

Even the garden is not safe from the inevitable march of our robot overlords. This nifty machine is like a Roomba for your lawn, and takes all of the back-breaking labor out of maintaining your grass.

It can mow to a schedule and recharges in just 75 minutes. It can mow in the dark, and the rain, and if some enterprising thief disturbs it during a programmed cut, the anti-theft system emits a siren and sends GPS coordinates to the associated app. It’s expensive, but it’s got the features to match the price tag.

3. Geodesic Dome – $149

A moonbase for the kids, a domed aviary, a nature sanctuary, a festival tent, a fruit igloo? There are so many possibilities with this clever product, your imagination is the limit. Kits come in different sizes, and your own choice of wood, so you can fully customize your dome into whatever your heart desires. Setting up the dome is a piece of cake, and you can put whatever sort of mesh, wire, or waterproofing over the top when it’s constructed. Get creative!

4. Parrot Flower Power Plant Monitor – $98.45

If you’re anything like me, you’ll never forgive yourself when one of your favorite plants dies through lack of care. Well, worry not – this clever little device is a smart sensor that assesses your plant’s needs and sends alerts to your smartphone when they need water or food.

With a database of over 7,000 plants, this fully customizable monitor can also tell you if the levels of sunlight or humidity are harming your plant’s wellbeing, helping you make sure you never kill another plant “by accident” again.

That completes our round-up of some of the best tech for your garden. Hopefully, some of these devices will help take the stress out of caring for your outdoor space – we wish you long summer days, a pristine lawn, and healthy plants.    

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