4 tricks to survive in Warface

Who would have thought that four years after its release, Warface would be living its moment of glory? The free video game from Crytek hasn’t stopped gaining faithful followers, thanks to its seamless production and especially because you can download it for free. If you’re starting the adventure of playing this game, pay attention to these four tricks to survive on Warface.

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Work as a team

This is key: this video game is designed for teamwork. If you don’t have a group of friends to play with, try to go along with the rest of the players. The more you’re part of the pack, the better. The concept of all online games is to have good communication among users. If you go alone on the map, you run the risk of not surviving.

Look up

This trick is for Warface… and any first-person shooter. In general, players usually shoot at middle or low height. But you should try to position the cursor at middle or high height. Why? A headshot will always be more lethal than the torso, or, you know, the foot. 

Customize your weapon

All first-person action games have dozens of weapons to choose from. Each one works in a specific way, so our third trick is simply trying them all until you find the one that suits you. For example, rifles are best for closed spaces, while sniper rifles work great for long distances. Likewise, don’t forget about assault rifles, which are best for mid-range combat.

Learn the map

Our last trick is key: learn the map well. In this type of game, the same scenery is usually repeated over and over again. So, find those dead spots where you know you can ambush and kill your enemies.

On that note, there’s something else important to keep in mind: know how to play using the radar. Don’t stay somewhere if your allies are on the other side of the mini-map. It’s pretty likely that an enemy will come up behind you and strike.


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