5 Alternatives to Total Video Converter

5 Alternatives to Total Video Converter

Video converters used to be aimed at creating smaller, high quality files to watch on computers. Now with media players supporting all formats, converting is focused on re-encoding videos for mobile devices like iOS, Android, and now PlayStation Vita.

The supported file types vary, but the desire for small, but high quality video files still exists.

Total Video Converter is a popular program for converting videos, but like the review states it “crashes frequently.” Here are four free alternative video converters:


Handbrake is one of the simplest programs for converting videos. It’s still used for computer benchmarks and has some of the most comprehensive options available. The ability to import presets is one of the biggest strengths when trying to find the perfect balance.

Handbrake can take a lot of time to encode a video, but the result is worth the wait.

Oxelon Media Converter

Oxelon Media Converter is a strong converter, but requires an additional plug-in pack to get the full encoding experience. The program contains a simple, straightforward interface and the ability to convert to the most common file formats for mobile devices.

Oxelon Media Converter can convert more than just video files and supports other media formats.

GOM Video Converter

GOM Video Converter takes the difficulty of converting videos out by including numerous default profiles for different devices. As said in the review, GOM Video Converter is very fast, perfect when you’re converting multiple files.

As good as it is, GOM Video Converter burns a watermark on the video file, but if that’s not an issue the converter is a great option.


XviD4PSP converts to a large range of formats, but the focus on the program is on popular mobile devices. For people who aren’t familiar with all the different options can convert videos easily, but also include a large set of configuration options for advanced users.

The large set of supported formats makes XviD4PSP a great option for anyone who converts video a lot.

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