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5 amazing tricks for retouching photos on Android

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You’ve got a photo that you’d like to improve, but you don’t know how. Or maybe you know how you want to improve your snapshot, but it requires Photoshop skills beyond your grasp. What if we told you that you can improve your photography skills with your cell phone?

Today at Softonic, we’re going to tell you about five amazing tricks for retouching photos on Android. Best of all: it can be done within minutes and it’s completely free.

5 amazing tricks for retouching photos on Android

5 amazing tricks for retouching photos on Android

Use WhatsApp

If you think WhatsApp is only good for sending messages, look closer. In 2017, its developers created the possibility of editing photos from the platform itself.

When you go to send a photo to a contact, you’ve got different editing possibilities on the top: to add text, filters, emojis and a long list of options.

It’s quick, simple and direct. The only “problem” with WhatsApp has been there since the beginning: it compresses images and videos, so quality is lost in the final product.

WhatsApp Messenger Download WhatsApp

Blur part of the photo

Photo by Ben Bowman

This is one of the most common tricks… and it works pretty well: blurring. If you want to give your photos a special touch, blurring part of the photo could be a good solution.

There are dozens of apps to achieve this effect, but AfterFocus lets you do it within a few steps. Just select the area with your finger that you would like to highlight and the app will do the rest: the part you selected will remain “normal” and the rest will go out of focus.

All this without a professional SLR camera. Not bad, right?

AfterFocus Photo Editor Free Download

Blow it up and crop it

Photo by Andrew Sharples on Unsplash

Do you know what the rule of space is? Unofficially, it’s giving the photo’s subject room to “breathe.” For example, if a car is moving from left to right, it’s recommended that the vehicle has “space” or “air” on the right. Thanks to this simple tip, the car will give a sense of movement. Blow up the photo until you get this “rule of space” and then crop it. Framing is the easy part.

Go black and white

Photo by Hoach Le Dinh on Unsplash

We’ve already talked about filters, but now we’ll go straight to discussing snapshots in black and white. This resource is one of the most common in photography, and the reason is simple to explain: because it looks great.

Black and white images give off a certain sense of longing, age, or tranquility. Edit it with any photo retouching program. Play around with brightness and contrast. You can ruin the photo if it ends up too dark, so be careful.

Test it out

Our last tip is by far the best: test it out. Period. Take a photo, open any editing program – even if it comes by default on iOS or Android – and try retouching the photo: change the color, brightness, and saturation. Get familiar with all the bells and whistles until you find some that work.

The best way to learn about photography is to experiment for yourself. Don’t forget to make a copy of the original in case your experiments get out of hand. Now get out there and shoot!

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