5 Android music apps for audiophiles

5 Android music apps for audiophiles

While the stock music player in Android OS is okay for casual listeners, audiophiles will always want more options and customization when it comes to their music libraries.  Here are my top five Android Music Apps that offer more features and functionality, like video playback:

doubleTwist is among the most popular music players for new Android users.  Expanded beyond just audio, it also supports radio and video.  By using the free doubleTwist app through PC or Mac, the program can find all the music on your system for easy importing through wired or wireless connections through doubleTwist AirSync.  The app also supports music and video podcasts allowing for even more diverse content.

Winamp for Android is also another recognizable name when it comes to music players.  Along side of having many of the same options as the desktop version, the ability to sync wired or wireless is an added bonus for those who want to unify their mobile and home libraries.  Like its desktop brethren, Winamp for Android supports iTunes library and playlist importing and access to over 45,000 SHOUTcast internet radio stations.  Essentially Winamp for Android is a successful port.

Zimly was an early Android music app that focused on simplicity.  Another app that includes a video player, its all-in-one player is a good alternative to the stock player that come with the Android OS.  Zimly is consistently being updated, so while it may be lagging behind other music players in advanced features; it is a good place to start with music apps.

One of the most frustrating features of many music apps is limited format support.  Fortunately, PowerAMP solves this problem with support of audio codecs that most ardent music fans have forgotten.  PowerAMP supports the usual mp3 and mp4 formats, but expands by adding ogg, ape, and even flac formats which are also supported by the ten band graphic equalizer.  Unlike other music apps, PowerAMP does cost money for the full app.  The free version allows for a fifteen day trial.

Another paid app is PlayerPro Music Player.  Like doubleTwist, PlayerPro Music Player adds a video browser and player unifying content on the handset.   The app allows for a large amount of UI customization including different skins and layout.  Added also are the ability to read reviews and the inclusion of scrobblers like Last.fm.  PlayerPro Music Player also has a five day trial to explore many of the functions.

Among all the Android music apps, there isn’t a true winner.  Each app has separate distinct functions.  The free apps are where most users might turn, but the hardcore audiophile might turn towards the paid apps, at least for more audio codec support.

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