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5 apps to get the most out of Chromecast

Google’s Chromecast can make any TV a Smart TV. By just plugging a dongle into your screen’s HDMI port, you can start enjoying apps and streamed content in moments.

There are loads of fantastic apps for this service. Some of these – like YouTube, Spotify, and Netflix – you undoubtedly already know, but there are plenty of other must have apps. Here are five of our favorites.

AllCast (iOS|Android)

One of Chromecast’s best features is its ability to mirror your phone’s screen on your TV. This is where AllCast comes in. This app lets you send pictures, videos, music, and everything else you can see on your device, to the big screen. Now no one can escape your collection of cat photos!

Big Web Quiz (iOS|Android)

The next app is our favorite on the list, Big Web Quiz. This pub quiz style game allows six people to play. After everyone connects with their phone, a range of general knowledge questions are presented on your TV. The goal is simply then to answer faster than your friends. Great, competitive fun.

CastPad (Android)

While it’s a fairly simple app, CastPad has a range of uses. By turning your phone or tablet into a sketchpad, you are then able to draw whatever you want on your TV screen. Great for impromptu games of Pictionary or explaining to your friends why the Panthers offensive line struggled against the Brocos’ defense.

Driver Speedboat Paradise (iOS|Android)

There are loads of games that you can send from your phone to your TV, but few look as good as Driver Speedboat Paradise. This makes it perfect for playing on the big screen, because you get to enjoy its visuals in all their glory – without having your thumbs covering the action.

FitFlap Motion (iOS|Android)

Many people use Chromecast to send YouTube exercise videos to their TV so they can more easily follow the instructions. But a more entertaining and interactive way to stay in shape is FitFlap Motion. Using your phone’s camera, this game has you avoid obstacles by controlling the up and down the movement of your flying pig by flapping – lots of flapping.

That’s if for another 5 apps. Next week we will be back with 5 Valentine’s Day survival apps – see you then!

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