5 Apps to Try This Weekend – March 20th 2015

Looking more and more like my dad.

Today is International Happiness Day, and we are here to brighten up your weekend with five recommendation of apps to try.

We have a particularly cheery game to start with, the gleefully colorful rhythm game Planet Quest. However, for gamers who prefer a slower build to their joy, we also have Ori and the Blind Forest. Providing you can get past this exploration platformer’s Bambi-esq beginning, you are in for a real treat.

If games aren’t your thing we have Meerkat, a service that lets you live stream straight from your iPhone to Twitter. Don’t worry though Android users, we have Stre.am (Android | iOS) for you, which offers a similarly intriguing service.

If you find joy in using your time more productively, our last apps this week are Office 2016 for Windows Preview to improve your own efficiency, and Avast GrimeFighter (PC | Android) to improve your computer’s efficiency.

I hope all these apps make your day a happy one. Remember to subscribe and to check back next week for another 5 apps.

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