5 cool experimental Firefox add-ons

5 cool experimental Firefox add-ons

Top 5 experimental Firefox add-onsA few days ago the guys over at Mozilla Labs surprised us with the good news: from now on, you don’t need to create a user account on their website in order to test experimental add-ons. This means now it’s the moment to take a look at all those Firefox add-ons you couldn’t be bothered installing because you simply didn’t feel like registering for yet another online service.

After browsing the Mozilla add-ons website for a while and doing some Google research as well, I found five experimental extensions for Firefox that seem to be quite useful. Take a look yourself and decide which one should pass the test. Now you have no excuse!

  • Automatic Save Folder – A great time-saver for power downloaders! With this extension you can create filters according to different criteria (domain name, file extension and more) and have Firefox download them to different folders accordingly. No more sorting all your recently downloaded files!
  • CacheSearch – This extension lets you browse and search Firefox’s cache memory. All you have to do is enter some keywords and you’ll find all the related items saved in the browser’s cache. Right clicking on any item lets you copy the URL or open it up in Firefox. It doesn’t seem to support cached images, videos or animations though.
  • Quick Todo List – A tiny to-do list that sits on the browser’s status bar, in the bottom right corner. Simply double-click on it to start adding tasks. If you hover your mouse over it, the list of pending tasks is displayed as a tool tip. This one’s pretty basic, it doesn’t feature any options.
  • FasterFox – This extension tweaks network settings in Firefox to improve its overall performance. The extension’s options menu includes five usage presets, as well as a special function to download and cache links in the background and have them ready by the time you click on them.
  • Shrunked – This seems a very promising add-on but I just couldn’t make it work. Shrunked detects when a website asks you to submit a photo and kindly offers to resize it for you. Apparently it works great, but it didn’t for me. Oh well, I guess this is why they call them “experimental”. Feel free to give it a go and leave your feedback!
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