5 free racing games for PC

Niamh Lynch


We’ve noticed some excellent racing games at Softonic recently. Even better, they’re free, which is perfect for the holiday season, when your funds my be directed elsewhere. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, read on. We’re sure you’re going to love them!

5 free racing games for PC

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Extreme Motorbikers

Cool and innovative: Extreme Motorbikers is a game that mixes speed with cunning and guts. In this one, not only must you make it around the track ahead of your opponents, but also stop them from using villainous tricks to get what they want. For a free game, the graphics are really rich, and Extreme Motorbikers adds a little something to a tried and tested formula.

Dirchie Kart

Fun and frantic: Dirchie Kart’s got a 16 bit retro feel, which some users will love and others will hate, but nobody can argue that it’s got one of the most interesting varieties of karts around. If you’re looking for Ferraris and other power-hungry beasts, it’s not for you, but Dirchie Kart has 8 vehicles, all with their own quirks and personalities, and they make the game really interesting.

Auto Club Revolution

For traditionalists: Auto Club Revolution is an impressive game that is closer to realistic console titles than other games like Need for Speed World. Auto Club Revolution has a browser interface, which is slick and attractive. There are excellent introductory tutorials that help you find your way around the various interfaces, but if you’re looking for a traditional – but impressive – racing experience, it’s a great place to start.

Nitronic Rush

Style and substance: Nitronic Rush is a 3D futuristic racing game that’s somewhat reminiscent of the movie Tron. The Nitronic Rush universe is set is futuristic, right down to your race car’s ability to fly, if necessary. As such, it has a unique feel all its own compared to more traditional racing games. The track layout in Nitronic Rush is very much like that of a rollercoaster, defying gravity and sending you on a wild racing ride.

Trackmania Nations Forever

The classic: Trackmania Nations Forever is not that much about arriving first to the finish line, but rather about having fun along the way. You’ve probably seen a ton of online racing games already, but Trackmania Nations Forever is quite different from anything you have seen so far. To begin with, Trackmania Nations Forever is completely free. No trial periods, no disabled functions, no nagging windows. It’s for you to play and enjoy for free, as long as you want, as much as you feel like it.

What do you think of our list? Do you know any other great, free PC racing games that we’ve forgotten?

[Original article published December 7, 2011]

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