5 great kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels

5 great kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels
Luke Binns

Luke Binns

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If you have a child or young relative who is obsessed with Minecraft, they probably spend just as much time sitting in front of YouTube watching Minecraft videos as they do playing the game itself.

Minecraft-related YouTube channels pull in millions of views per day, and they are a huge part of YouTube’s video library; there are hundreds of Minecraft YouTube channels with millions of subscribers apiece. These videos have a very wide range – beginners’ guides, fictional scripted series, and music video parodies, to name a few.

Finding an appropriate Minecraft channel for your kids can be tedious. It takes time to sort through all the many different YouTube content creators and find the right ones. So we’ve done it for you!

5 great kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channels

Mr. Stampy Cat (stampylonghead)

All of Stampy’s content is very elementary and clean; expletives are never used in his videos!

Operating under the guise of a British cartoon cat, Mr. Stampy Cat hosts many a lively video on his channel. Mr. Stampy Cat’s Minecraft videos are generally let’s plays and game tutorials, and he has plenty of videos covering other games, too. His How To Minecraft series is excellent for a younger audience who are new to the Minecraft world.


Cody and Joe of TheAtlanticCraft are unique in that not only are their videos kid-friendly, they are technically advanced and enable the younger audience to learn the more advanced aspects of the game. Cody and Joe work well together and have a great rapport, but it must be noted that the language on this channel can sometimes venture towards the PG-side. They also produce Minecraft-related music videos, such as Let It Glow; I am certain you do not need to be told what it is a parody of!


CaptainSparklez (Jordan Maron) has one of the largest followings on YouTube, with over 10 million subscribers and 3 billion views. Jordan captivates his audience with his entertaining comedy and warm personality, he is widely known for his Minecraft parody videos – of which he made some of the earliest ones – and his adventure series which takes Minecraft to another dimension, giving his audience something different from the typical Minecraft video series.


Pat – PopularMMOs – has one of the most popular Minecraft YouTube channels at present; with over 13 million subscribers he far outstrips monolithic channels such as CaptainSparklez or stampylonghead.

This channel has great variety and is just as known for its MMO-style battles as it is for its standard Minecraft videos. Pat plays regularly with his fiancée Jen, and together they draw in a huge audience. Make sure to check out the channel’s coverage of Minecraft game modifications, which draws in a large proportion of their viewers.

Be warned, however, that strong language is used on this channel.

DanTDM (TheDiamondMinecart)

DanTDM is hosted by Dan Middleton from England, and has rapidly grown in popularity due to its creative videos. Dan’s high-quality videos cover all genres – let’s plays, game art, music videos and Minecraft mod reviews – which has made it one of the most highly subscribed channels on YouTube.

Dan’s videos are mostly clean, but his videos are aimed at more knowledgeable Minecraft players – not beginners – so it is perhaps not suited to children who are just starting out.


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