5 Holiday apps you must have

If all of the music, decorations, and number of parties hasn’t given it away yet – we are well and truly into the holiday season. But if you feel your digital life is not feeling as festive as your real one, then we have 5 Apps to change that.

ElfYourself (iOS|Web)

We start off with a classic app to get you in the mood, ElfYourself. This app offers the simple but consistently comical gimmick of having you paste pictures of your face on to the bodies of elves who then dance around in music videos. The results sit somewhere between hilarious and horrific, but they do consistently bring a smile to your face.

Talking Santa (Android|iOS)

Talking Santa is number two on our list. Coming from the team that created the ever-popular Talking Tom, the premise should be quite familiar – talk to the animated Santa, and he repeats your words back in a silly voice. Add to that the ability to create festive snapshots of Santa with the other members of the Talking series, and you have a perfect app for the kids.

Pandora (Windows|Android|iOS)

My family loves to sing when they are together, but it’s hard to escape the fact many of us are tone deaf. Luckily, music apps like Pandora are on hand to keep us on tune. Just type Holiday into Pandora a number of stations will pop up to help you celebrate on key. If you are not in a compatible territory, then you could always try TuneIn (find for your device) or Spotify (find for your device).

Touchnote (Android|iOS)

If you can’t be with your family during the holiday season then a card is always a good way to show people you haven’t forgotten them, and Touchnote is brilliant for this. This is the perfect balance of modern technology and classic cards, as you design the card on your phone and then pay Touchnote to print and send it directly to your loved ones.

Great British Chefs – Festive HD (iOS)

But, really, the best thing about this season is the food – and the best holiday recipe app we have found to help us is Great British Chefs – Festive HD. Filled with delicious meal ideas, deserts, and treats, this app is wonderfully presented and offers lots of helpful tips to ensure you can reproduce the results of these master chefs… which is lucky because some of them are tricky.

That’s it for our favorite festive apps, and indeed this year. I will be back on January 8th with the five best Antiviruses for 2016. Until then, have a wonderful holiday, and take care.

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