5 iPhone apps to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day falls on Saturday March 17 this year, so it’s a prime time to get out and celebrate. Find a pub, wear something green and get your Irish on. Of course, you’ll most likely have your iPhone with you too.

Whether you’re a hardcore St. Patty’s Day celebrator or someone more interested in trivia surrounding the holiday, there’s an iPhone app for you.

Here’s a list of five iPhone apps that can help you enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, no matter what you decide to spend it doing.

St. Patrick’s Day: If you’re looking for an all-around useful app, give the St. Patrick’s Day app a try. Not only does it give locations for festivities and parades in cities like New York, Chicago and San Francisco, it also offers some general information about how different places around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. This app also comes with information about various religious and cultural traditions about the holiday, all in a colorful, attractive interface.

Cost: $0.99

Build-a-Card: St. Patrick’s Day: Want to send friends or family members a little holiday greeting? The Build-a-card: St. Patrick’s Day app lets you customize and share e-cards with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. There are lots of fun options for card customization with this app, letting you personalize each card with photos and themed overlays. The ability to share via email, Twitter and Facebook makes it even easier to show off your creations, or even brag about your mad e-card design skills!

Cost: $0.99

St. Patrick’s Festival Guide 2012: Are you actually going to be in Dublin this year for St. Patrick’s Day? Lucky you! You’re definitely going to want to take advantage of the festivities running from March 16th to 19th. This app makes it easy, because it covers all the major events taking place in Dublin. There’s even an interactive map and a live feed of the parade on March 17th, making this app useful to those of us who can’t be in Dublin but still want to watch the festivities from afar.

Cost: FREE

iPUBQUIZ: Saint Patrick’s Day: This app gives you a pub-style quiz, drawing on St. Patrick’s Day  and all things Irish for its questions. What makes this app really stand out is its graphics. The IPUBQUIZ Saint Patrick’s Day app has a really pleasant looking interface, a scoring system and some lively music to get you in the Irish spirit. Some of the questions are St. Patrick’s Day related, while others are simply Irish-themed. Note that you need to have iOS 5.0 or higher installed to play this app.

Cost: FREE

Beer Counter: It’s no secret that a lot of Americans look forward to St. Patrick’s Day almost exclusively as an excuse to go on a pub crawl. There’s no shame in that, but it doesn’t hurt to be responsible while you’re out celebrating as well. The Beer Counter app is great about helping you keep track of how much you’ve been drinking, as well as how much you owe the bartender when you’re ready to move onto the next pub on your list. Being a responsible drinker has never been this easy.

Cost: FREE

Armed with these apps and some good Irish spirit, it’s time to get ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Have a fun one, and let us know how it goes!

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