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5 of the best gadgets for your garage

Chris Roper


The garage is one of our favorite rooms. It’s just so versatile – somewhere you can park your car, build a chair, or store old rusting tools. For many, the garage is a refuge, where you can tinker away to your heart’s content without worrying about the outside world.

We love the garage, and just like every other room in your home, there are gadgets that help you be more productive, organized, and safe. Here are five of our favorites…    

1. Fold Down Bench – $399.99

Dying to do that DIY project, but don’t have enough space in your garage for a full-sized workbench? This unique wall-mounted foldable workbench provides space when you need it, and folds down against the wall when you don’t.

Unlike a standard workbench, this one leaves room for a vehicle, so you don’t need to leave it in the driveway next time you’re building something. There’s also a version with a slatted backboard, so you can store your tools conveniently right next to where you work.

2. Door Protector – $14.95

If you’re somewhat on the clumsy side (or have children), this simple addition to your garage will save countless bumps, dents, and scratches to your car doors. The Door Protector flexes to absorb impacts, and the lifetime warranty ensures years of use. The kit includes all the necessary hardware to install on drywall, studs, brick, and concrete. 

3. Pegboard Wall – $110

If you’re prone to abandoning or losing tools after any DIY project, then this wall-mounted pegboard could be the answer. Due to its 20-gauge steel construction, it holds heavy items without warping, fraying, or cracking (like a plywood pegboard might), and you can customize your pegboard with a number of add-ons to give you ready access to the things you need. Add spray paint holders, paper-towel holders, additional brackets, and shelves. The sky’s the limit.

4. Vertical Bike Rack – $59

Making sure your bike stays upright is a bit of a chore – especially when doing repairs. This vertical bike rack not only frees up space in a crowded garage, but helps keep the bike stable when you need to do repairs. Entirely freestanding, you can move it anywhere you like, and the durable, epoxy-coated finish ensures years of use.

5. MyLifter – $175

Say goodbye to pulled muscles and backaches with MyLifter – the world’s first smart lift and storage system. The base kit lifts 50 lbs of vertical hanging weight, or 100 lbs with the included pulley. That’s more than enough power to lift bikes, tires, toolboxes, or other heavy items.

The MyLifter comes with everything you need to mount it to your garage ceiling, and in a few simple steps it links to the remote smartphone app. There’s an overload warning, so you’ll never risk the safety of your items. Just tap your smartphone, and the MyLifter will raise your items up and out of the way.

That completes our round-up of some of the most useful gadgets available for your garage. Maybe there’s something we’ve missed? Why not let us know in the comments below.

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