5 reasons to start using Google Gears

5 reasons to start using Google Gears

Google GearsA few months ago I asked the question whether Google Gears is one of those rare Google apps that has actually been a flop. One of the biggest problems I noted was that even a year after its initial release, Google Gears still only supported a handful of applications. However, it seems like Google have finally got their act together and have announced that Google Gears will soon work with two of their most successful applications – Gmail and Google Calendar. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why should start using Google Gears.

Google Reader – Google Reader is my favourite way of keeping track of blogs, website updates and RSS feeds. Using it with Google Gears means that I can download everything I want to read before disconnecting my laptop from the net and going on the road.

Gmail – Gmail is my e-mail client of choice and I’m looking forward to being able to being able to check my mail offline. Rather than have to rush through all my mail while using a dodgy internet connection or Wifi spot, I can download all pending mails and read them at my leisure. It’s also a great way to backup mail.

Google Calendar – No need to rely on having an internet connection to check what appointments, meetings and events I have coming up. Soon I’ll be able to check Google Calendar as if it were a desktop tool that’s always at my disposal.

Google Docs – Now that it’s supported by Google Gears, I can now envisage the day when I won’t need Microsoft Office anymore – or any office suite for that matter. I can do all my word processing and spreadsheets (but not presentations yet unfortunately) whether I’m on or offline.

Zoho – If Google Docs doesn’t offer all I need in an office suite then Zoho does. Zoho allows me to create absolutely anything from spreadsheets to invoices and even databases. Since it was one of the first apps to support Google Gears, I can work on all of them on or offline.

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