5 shopping list apps for the iPhone

5 shopping list apps for the iPhone

Since I got my new iPhone 4 I’ve tried to make the most of it in every situation, using it not only as a phone, but also as a personal information manager, calendar, media player, pocket GPS, portable gaming device… and even as a shopping list. While grocery shopping may not be as fun as listening to music or watching YouTube videos, it’s still something you must do on quite a regular basis – and something your iPhone can help you with.

Here’s a list of five shopping list apps you can use on the iPhone, all of which can make domestic chores a bit easier on you. You’ll still have to carry the bags yourself, though.

Shopping list apps for the iPhoneShopShop – This is a simple, straightforward shopping list app that doesn’t have as many options and configuration settings as the others in this list, but does what it says on the tin. It remembers items so that you don’t have to type them again, supports several shopping lists, and also lets you share lists by email and SMS.

Shopping list apps for the iPhoneEpicurious Recipes and Shopping List – This app is based on the popular food site Epicurious, which offers over 28,000 recipes in cookbooks, magazines and renowned chefs located all over the world. It lets you browse the entire recipe database and create interactive shopping lists based on what you want to cook.

Shopping list apps for the iPhoneShoppingList – This nicely designed shopping list app is focused on simplicity. It saves recently and frequently used products, has support for multiple measurement units, lets you add personal notes to each product and can also divide products into different categories – for different types of items, or different shops.

Shopping list apps for the iPhoneShopping List Free – Like the previous app, this one also lets you create categories to sort products and make your shopping faster and easier. You can also select items in a database and use different measurement units, in both US or metric systems. The interface design, in my opinion, is not as good as in the other apps.

Shopping list apps for the iPhoneShopping List – With a clean, easy-to-use design, this app lets you create groups of items for easier management, and displays products in the order you usually get them. It also saves store locations and remembers where you buy products, so that you can filter your shopping list according to which store you visit.

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