Gaming Gems: The 5 Must-Play Smartphone Games in May 2023

Among them are such great proposals as Honkai Star Rail.

Gaming Gems: The 5 Must-Play Smartphone Games in May 2023
Nacho Requena Molina

Nacho Requena Molina

We return with our usual list of every month with video games as protagonists. This time in particular, and to be exact, with video games for smartphones, that territory where there are literally dozens and dozens of titles and it is easy to get lost.

We at Softonic are here to help you with this post: here are 5 must-have smartphone games for May 2023.

Honkai Star Rail

By far the biggest mobile game released in recent weeks: Honkai Star Rail. From the creators of the mammoth Genshin Impact, miHoYo‘s adventure was made available to all players on April 26 with the same idea as its older brother: to get a large number of users.

After all, we are talking about Honkai Star Rail being a free to play title, although with the classic gacha-based monetization system. From here, what we have is a turn-based combat video game that follows the adventure of a series of characters who travel through the Astral Express. The player must raise his fighters to the highest possible and travel the universe in a story that, as usual, evolves with each update.

Worms W.M.D: Mobilize

If you have a few gray hairs, chances are that you grew up with the wonderful Worms Armageddon series. The little worm soldiers from Team 17 have been the protagonists of many afternoons of fun for tens of thousands of players, an enjoyment that now comes directly to smartphones with Worms W.M.D: Mobilize.

Priced at 5.99 euros, the game offers 10 training missions and 20 of the main campaign, where we can use a vast arsenal of weapons, grenades, etc., including the classics and the most modern. And of course, the online mode is not missing, which is really important: you will be able to play against other players either locally, online or even offline.

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

Another one that came out at the end of April: Mighty Quest Rogue Palace. Published by a giant like Ubisoft, this roguelite for cell phones has a special feature: you can only play it if you are a Netflix subscriber. The famous streaming platform got into video games some time ago, so from time to time it brings out some very interesting touches like this one.

The game mechanics are easy. As a good roguelite, what we have to do is face enemies, get the best loot possible and get as far as each game allows us. Each time we die we will be closer to the end, although it is paradoxical. That’s the thing about this genre.

Farlight 84

If you want a good battle royale that looks like a mix between Apex Legends and Fortnite, with Farlight 84 you hit the jackpot. Set in 2084 -hence the name-, in this game we have a total of 14 heroes full of skills, each one more peculiar. Knowing how to handle them is key to victory, as each one has its own characteristics.

Although the battle royale is the main thing, Farlight 84 also has other modes to get even more out of everything created. There are many hours of fun.

Pocket City 2

Do you like Sim City? If the answer is “yes”, with Pocket City 2 you are going to have a great time. In this title we will be able to build our own city from scratch: parks, roads, buildings and much more. However, the most fun is not this, but that we can “enter” in the city and go through it with our character without any problem.

Likewise, some very curious missions are included in this mode. We will not only build, but also enjoy a whole simulator.

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Nacho Requena Molina

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