5 tools to clean up your cookie crumbs

5 tools to clean up your cookie crumbs

CookieBefore the internet came along, cookies were what we Brits knew as American biscuits and the weakness of that distinguished member of Sesame Street, the Cookie Monster. Then Netscape began, invented one of the world’s first web browsers and eventually, invented the concept of HTTP cookies that are now an essential part of virtually all browsers. From the very start, cookies were controversial because they raised some of the first serious invasion of privacy issues for internet users. Should any website be able to leave behind data on your PC that a website can recognise at a later date, even if it facilitates your user experience? Of course, most people don’t mind this as long as there is nothing malicious involved.

It’s when the cookies that are left behind are of a more devious or harmful nature that the problems begin. There are still a lot of misconceptions about what cookies are and are not. This useful FAQ delves into the issue in a lot more detail but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to risk any breach of your privacy, no matter what the cookies are for, then you may need to use one of these dedicated cookie cleaners:

Powerful Cookies
– Deletes and destroy all cookies including typed URL’s

Cookie Viewer
– Allows you to pick and choose which cookies to delete

Expired Cookie Cleaner – Gets rid of those long-term cookies that others leave behind

Delete Cookies – Designed especially to get rid of those cookies that target Internet Explorer

Cookie Monster – Manage cookies stored across multiple browsers on your system

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