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5 uses for an old tablet you no longer use

You’ve got an awful old tablet, and you can’t do anything with it, right? This is more common than you’d think since we all keep buying gadgets and racking them up without a second thought. When we finally notice, our shelf is full, and we haven’t used half of what’s on it.

Today at Softonic, we’re going to use our imagination – but not stretch it too far, honestly – to see the possible uses for an old tablet you no longer use.

5 uses for an old tablet

1. For your kids

This option is one of our favorites: give it to your kids. If you have little ones at home, an old tablet is an excellent way to start introducing them to the world of technology. They’ve surely already had previous experiences, we don’t doubt it, but this way the tablet will be their property, i.e., you’ll be creating a sense of ownership.

If you do decide to go this route, don’t forget to enable parental controls on the operating system. Thanks to this, kids can’t access inappropriate content (and needless to say you should also keep an eye on tablet usage; controlling the amount of time they use it is critical.

2. As a small hard drive

It’s likely that your old tablet has good storage capacity, plus a micro SD included. If this is the case, consider using it as an improvised hard drive.

It’s not the same as those HDD laptops that are everywhere on the market, but at least you’ll have solved more than one problem (especially if you don’t have the means right now to afford one).

To watch movies and series

This is key. If you have an account with Netflix, HBO or another video streaming service, your old tablet may work to watch all movies, series, and documentaries that these platforms offer.

Imagine that you’re traveling and want to enjoy a healthy dose of screen time, but without bringing the latest model, you’ve bought. Your old tablet is the best tool for doing this. Get as much content as possible by using the download feature that services like Netflix have. In this way, you won’t need Internet, and you can still explore all the possibilities with just a few clicks.

As a picture frame

We bet you know all about digital picture frames. They’ve replaced traditional ones, becoming increasingly popular in many homes worldwide. Have you stopped to think that your old tablet may be good for this?

If you feel like having a digital picture frame, use that tablet in your drawer. You can configure it using the image display, so it rotates between photos or stays on a selected one. It’s up to you.

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