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5 ways to customise your Mac Dock



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Mac DockThe Dock is one of the best and most used features in OS X but there are precious few options provided to customise it. You can change whether to turn on magnification and the size of the dock icons in OS X but that’s about it. Since it’s such an integral part of your desktop this seems like an absolute crime so here are 5 excellent tools and applications to customise it.

iDock logoiDock Are you constantly running out of Dock space? If so, iDock could be your answer. iDock allows you to have as many docks as you want opening up a whole new world of organisational possibilities. For example, you could have different docks for types of applications, stacks, downloads making it much easier to find the programs you need.

dockchanger logoDockchanger This is a simple application for anyone who just can’t get used to the new 3D dock in Mac OS Leopard. Thanks to this app you’ll be able to revert to a more traditional 2D dock, although it’ll incorporate new design features of the updated Dock, like the transparent look and light dots under active items.

Dock Library logoDock Library You can change your desktop wallpaper everyday so why not your Dock style? Dock Library allows you to choose between different dock styles in a few clicks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any themes bundled but you can download for free many weird and wonderful styles at

dock spaces logoDock Spaces This is similar to iDock but allows you to switch between them anytime you want from the menu bar. It also allows you to choose between 2D and 3D icons, different transparencies and it also supports stacks and Growler notifications.This probably has the edge on iDock because I like the fact that I can switch docks from the menu bar rather than the app itself.

super docker logoSuperDocker In reality, SuperDocker does more than tweak your Dock as it also lets you modify all aspects of Leopard including Finder, Safari, Time Machine, iCal and iChat. Most of the Dock tweaks that SuperDocker allows are are already present on your Mac, but SuperDocker allows the novice to find and use them more easily.



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