5 ways to make your PC icon-ic

5 ways to make your PC icon-ic

IconsIcons are usually boring and dull affairs especially where Windows is concerned. You would have thought with all the effort (or not) that Microsoft put into developing their operating system, they would give users more customisation options than just to change their desktop wallpaper now and then. Luckily however, there are applications out there that allow you to customise Windows icons in all kinds of ways. From simply adding a bit of colour to them to changing them completely with photos and even sound, these are five applications that will ensure that your PC has a truly individual touch:

Vista Drive Icons – Even if you can’t afford Vista, you can still steal the icons

Futurama Icons – Turn all your icons into characters from the TV series Futurama

FolderIcons – Add a bit of colour to your icons for easy identification

ArtIcons – Create your own icons from scratch with this MS Paint style app

When Icons Attack
– Finally, this is what happens when the icons decide they’ve had enough!

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