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50 sensational wallpapers to download right now

Are you tired of the look of your desktop, or are you thinking of changing the background on your smartphone?

We know it can be tough to choose a good image for your device, so we searched the internet and find a great collection of free wallpapers to help you customize your device.

Note: The first 10 wallpapers listed have a larger size, ideal for PC, while the rest are somewhat smaller, so they will not be suitable for your desktop wallpaper and perfect for your smartphone.

Desktop backgrounds for your PC

To download these wallpapers for your PC, follow these instructions:

➡️ Click on the image you want to use as your desktop background

➡️ A new window with the full size image will open

➡️ Save the image and select it as your desktop wallpaper

desktop wallpaper for PC

snowy landscape desktop background wallpaper traffic and bridge background image of abandoned aircraft desktop desktop background lights robots desktop background image christmas desktop background snowy landscape wallpaper image street entangled desktop background beach image wallpaper

Cool wallpapers for your smartphone

Backgrounds are not exclusive to PCs. You can also update the background for your phone! Here are a few great options.

london skyline desktop background image fantastic city wallpaper wallpaper francisco bridge desktop collage image fifteen game of thrones wallpaper manga wallpaper space image wallpaper futuristic wallpaper image twenty black and white wallpaper futuristic city wallpaper Earth image from space wallpaper Drawn robot wallpaper medieval image wallpaper for smartphone aircraft wallpaper Drawing superheroes wallpaper moon wallpaper from space artistic image for desktop wallpaper jedi wallpaper

star wars desktop background fantastic images wallpaper paint spilled pot wallpaper magical moon wallpaper desktop image sunset wallpaper coastal village desktop image desert wallpaper mountains and sunrise wallpaper vector image wallpaper drawing orange yellow and blue wallpaper trees and fog as wallpaper image desktop image castle in the mountains night landscape cool wallpaper sunrise on the sea wallpaper rocket image taking off wallpaper ghost town wallpaper robot and boy wallpaper image night landscape wallpaper mountain landscape desktop image mountain and stars wallpaper

Look at you with your fancy new wallpaper! We recommend that you bookmark this article so when you get tired of your wallpaper, you can replace it with another one.

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