6 best indie tower defense games

6 best indie tower defense games
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Plants vs Zombies

Tower defense games are a unique breed of games that are somewhat of a mismatch of genres. They follow the same pattern of setting up defenses to prevent waves of creatures from taking over your base. However, outside of that, they all have their own style of gameplay and how to go about doing that. This is most likely due to the fact that these games are dominated by indie companies, rather than higher performing ones. Here are some of the best ones out there:

6 best indie tower defense games

6. Dungeon Defenders II

One of the few tower defense MMOs, this game is more active than any other tower defense game out there. While most games are focused on creating turrets to defend your base, this game instead allows you to actively control a character as you try to defend your crystal. This is a great choice for those who prefer not to focus on the passive style that many tower defense games employ.

Dungeon Defenders II Free Download

5. Kingdom Rush

Probably the most standard tower defense game on this list. It is definitely a perfect game for those who like traditional flash tower defense games, as it is one of the best made, and is shockingly good for the indie budget it was given. Lovers of the genre may recognize it as it has reached high on mobile game charts.

Kingdom Rush Download

4. Plants vs. Zombies

You’ve probably heard of this iconic indie tower defense game. Using plants to defend a garden against an onslaught of zombies, this game is as addictive as it is charming. The gameplay is unique but with the same charm of many other tower defense games.

Plants vs. Zombies Download

3. Idle Tower Defense

Fans of idle games will love this take on tower defense, where the passive gameplay is the main focus, and the game essentially plays itself. The game ends up revolving more around strategy, rather than being able to react quickly to oncoming waves.

2. Dungeon Defenders

The original tower defense MMO. Despite its age, this game is incredibly fun and intricate. While the online play has diminished, it can still be enjoyed locally with a group of friends. Each class has unique mechanics, in a similar way to Dungeon Defenders II, but the leveling system is customizable, so your character’s stats are self-defined. Worth checking out for any fan of the genre.

Dungeon Defenders Download

1. Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

This genre is not typically known for its strong compelling storylines, instead focusing more on its interactive gameplay. Defender’s Quest changes the tone completely, as it follows the story of a Medieval librarian trying to survive a supernatural plague. The story is thrilling, while the game offers unique and captivating gameplay as well.

Defender's Quest: Valley of the Forgotten Download

If you’re interested in finding even more great tower defense games, our Softonic Solutions community has a list of over 30 different games for you to try!

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