6 Scorching apps to Help you Have a Great Summer

6 Scorching apps to Help you Have a Great Summer

Summer is the time for grilling, surfing, traveling and playing in the sun. To make the most of your beautiful summer days, here is how you can use your smartphone to gear up the thrill.

1. Wolfram: To save you from sunburn

No more worries about getting fried in the sun when you have this app on your smartphone. Wolfram precisely calculates how long you can be out in the sun based on your time zone, location and SPF you are using. The app provides you a UV forecast as well.

6 apps for summer - Wolfram

2. The swim guide: For backstroking at the beach

Yeah, during summer your air conditioner alone isn’t enough. Who can resist the temptation of getting down the blue water to do some swimming? Based on the water quality and timing of the low & high tide the swim guide app lets you know the safest place to swim in your surroundings.

6 apps for summer - The Swim guide

3. Get my boat: For pleasure in the water

This app helps you find boats for rent, ranging from few hours to few days. You will get a comprehensive listing of boats in more than 160 countries across the world. From fishing boats & sailboats to kayaks & yachts you will get everything in one place!

6 apps for the summer - get my boat

4. Surfline: For your surfing agenda

Isn’t it awesome to ride on the tide with a little extra guidance? This app gives you all information you need like wave height, tide info, wind speed etc. for better & safer surfing. Surfline also provides live feeds so you can observe beach conditions before you go.

6 apps for the summer - surfline

5. GrillTime: For a barbecue party

Don’t ruin your party with burned food anymore! GrillTime helps barbecue masters and grilling newbie alike. You can set item specific timers with this app so that you always know when to flip the bun or how many minutes left for that medium rare steak to be ready.

6 apps for the summer - GrillTime

6. PackPoint: For seasoned travelers

Want a helping hand whilst packing for your trip? PackPoint tells you what to pack based on the weather of your destination, what you will do during the trip and the duration of your stay.

6 apps for the summer - PackPoint

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