7 Essential apps for home workers

Tools to get you teleworkingWorking from home definitely has its advantages and disadvantages. Obviously you get the freedom to choose your own hours and can manage other areas of your life or devote more time to your family. What many people fail to realize when they start their tele-working career is that you suddenly need to take on more responsibility and become much better organized than you ever have been. You no longer have your boss in your ear all day reminding you to complete certain tasks, accounts need to be taken care of yourself, and communication in general becomes more of an issue.

Luckily there are certain practices you can employ on your computer to ensure that you’re just as efficient a worker at home as you are in the office. Here are a collection of PC programs that can help turn you into a productive home worker:

  • Google Docs – Free word processor and spreadsheet ideal for sharing and collaborating
  • Google Talk – The most reliable way to stay in touch, via voice or instant messaging
  • Cisco VPN Client – Connect to your office network while you’re at home
  • CallCenter – Send, receive and manage your faxes using this handy Windows client
  • Task Plus – Ensure that you never forget any important tasks or meetings
  • Microsoft Money – The complete solution for your invoicing, taxes and book-keeping
  • The Office – Miss all the workplace antics? Get this game based on the popular sitcom
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