70 free apps to download

Cyril Roger


Paint.NETAnother golden nugget found on the net today, a list of 70 freeware applications. It seems to cover most of the major categories like image editing, office, audio or security. I’d like to personally point out the ones I prefer though. For images, I was really impressed by Paint.NET, which offers all the major image editing tools, layers and unlimited history to undo your mistakes. For office apps, I would definitely recommend Google Docs. Online, it’s easily accessible if you have a Google Account and lets you create normal documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

In terms of programs for the web, set up Firefox if you’re not already using it. Amaya and Notepad++ are great tools for aspiring developers who need simple programs to start coding. Another great development tool is NetBeans, a debugging and deployment application. In terms of operating systems, if you’re looking for something else than Mac or PC we suggest installing Ubuntu. Great performances, stability and a nice user interface make this one of the best flavors of Linux. To play back any sort of video file, you need to make sure that you have the excellent VLC player set up. Simple and flawless, it plays any video format (except Real Player), you’ll come across. In terms of audio, Audacity is a solid choice to make and edit recordings. Finally anybody looking to download stuff on the internet should turn to the lightweight uTorrent.

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