8 reasons why doggos rule and cats drool

8 reasons why doggos rule and cats drool

If you’re a cat person, look away. Things are about to get ugly. The internet used to be a treasure trove of cat memes and feline fun, but it’s dogs’ turn now. Forget the likes of Grumpy Cat, Spangles, and Colonel Meow. They’re gone. (Probably leaving you a “present” behind the sofa.)

A Google search for “dog” or “cat” returns 929 billion results for dogs, but just 198 billion for cats. What does that tell you, folks? Whether it’s Google’s dog-friendly search algorithm, or simply more dogs on the internet, either way, it’s a point for pups.

They howl. They drool. They pee all over the house. It’s time to bow-wow down to the new kings of t’internet…

8 reasons dogs are better than cats

1. Dogs are more helpful than cats

From leading the blind to cheering up the sick and elderly, dogs have a long history of helping people. They sniff out bombs for soldiers, track drug smugglers at the airport, and find missing persons (probably those out looking for their cats). Cats, on the other hand, just ain’t interested.

2. Instagrammers love dogs more than cats

With other 8.5 million followers, Jiffpom the Pomeranian pup is Instagram’s favorite pet. Even celebs like John Legend and Katy Perry have had their pics taken with this little bundle of fur.

3. People like dogs more than cats

It’s official! More people like dogs than cats, according to this report. Sure, the survey might not take account of the opinions of non-pet owners, but who’d believe that miserable lot anyway? Doggos win again.

4. Dogs make hoomans happier than cats

Now, you might think the only joy of having a dog is chewed furniture, hairs on the sofa, and smelly kisses when you get home from work. But even science says that owning dogs instead of cats make us happier. So kick out the cat and get a pup. Simple.  

5. Dogs are smarter than cats (duh)

Ask a cat to sit, and it’ll probably stick its bum in your face. Ask a dog, and be awed by its clever obedience. Could it be because dogs have double the amount of neurons in their brains? Absolutely, according to this study.

6. Dogs are more talented than cats

In my objective research for this blog, I discovered that cats haven’t won a single televised talent show. And yet, dogs have won both Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent. So who’s the good boy now?

Rest in peace, Pudsey.

7. Dogs are more domesticated than cats (and always will be)

Now, it might be true that as pups, dogs take a bit of training. But once they know the basics, you’ll have a loyal and trusted friend forever. Cats, on the other hand, will scratch, hiss, and abandon you for days should the mood take them (but you can always get your own back with a cucumber). The reason, according to this report, is that they’re just not as domesticated as dogs.

8. Dogs have been our pals for longer

There’s a reason dogs are called “man’s best friend”: they’ve been our close allies for thousands of years, helping to repel predators and hunt prey while they fed on our scraps. Cats will never match this symbiotic bond, no matter how many “gifts” they bring in from outside (and by the way, cats are one of the leading causes for bird and bat deaths).

If these reasons haven’t convinced you to get a dog, you must be a cat person. In which case, my dog Ruby has a few words:”arff arff arff!”

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