Hidden features in iOS 6

Hidden features in iOS 6

iOS 6 is a generation behind with iOS 7 readily available, but still features a lot of interesting tweaks. If you can’t update to iOS 7, then iOS 6 might be your only option.  Containing over 200 features, it’s difficult to find and try them all out. The major features were covered by Apple in its iOS launch keynote, there are still some pretty useful and handy features that you may not have known about.

While some users may be disappointed that there aren’t many radical new features in iOS 6, the features that Apple did include add polish and usability to an already fantastic mobile operating system.

Below you’ll find some of my favorite hidden features that are buried in iOS 6.

Have an iOS 6 hidden feature or tip that’s not listed here?

1) Maps display the world

ios 6 globe

Maps is a major feature in iOS 6. iPhone users will be able use a native app that supports turn-by-turn navigation. It’s amazing that Apple has taken this long to implement turn-by-turn navigation. Maps also bring 3D and satellite imagery.

What you may not have known is that if you keep zooming out, you will eventually see a globe of the world. You can interact with the globe, but will have to zoom in to see points of interest. Global view reminds me of Google Earth, but without the huge database of information. Maps has been updated a lot since its release and since its the default app that iOS will load, its improvement isn’t unexpected.

2) Panorama feature is not iPhone 5 exclusive

Both the iPhone 4S and the 5th generation iPod Touch support panorama mode. Devices that feature dual-core processors are technically able to take panoramas, but Apple has left the feature out the iPad.

3) Insert photos into Mail

ios 6 insert pictures in mail

The Mail app will attach photos within the compose screen instead of attaching photos from the Photos app. Tap on the body of an email and you’ll be given options to copy, paste, select, and inserting photos or video.

4) Account specific email signatures

iOS 6 email signatures

This feature is great for those who send a lot of emails. Users can enable different signatures for different email accounts. This is handy if you want different signatures for your personal and work mail.

5) Clock app updated

ipad clock app

iPad users have the Clock app. iPad users can view world clocks, set alarms, use the stopwatch, or timer. Alarms are more customizable by specific day instead of only having the option for weekdays and weekends. Alarms will be placed in a calendar for a better visual representation.

6) Delete music after disabling iTunes Match

iOS 6 delete music

iTunes Match is a service that allows you to match the tracks in your music library to tracks in the iTunes store. This means you can download any track you already own from iTunes, free of charge, if you pay for iTunes Match. If you have multiple devices, these matched tracks will populate with music you may not have wanted. In iOS 6, you have to disable iTunes Match to delete artists and individual tracks. Just wipe from left to right to activate the delete button.

7) Access Siri and Passbook from lockscreen

siri passbook lockscreen

If you have a lockscreen password, Siri and Passbook are locked out. You can enable them to be used if you don’t want to have to unlock your phone to use these features. Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode to view the toggles for Siri, Passbook, and Picture Frame for the iPad.

8) Opt out of targeted advertising

limit ad tracking

The most interesting hidden feature of iOS 6, ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ allows users to opt out of targeted advertising. For a more in-depth look at this feature, be sure to read the post where I teach you how to enable it.

[Original article published September 2012]

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