9 optical illusion GIFs that will blow your mind

Everyone loves a good optical illusion, and when it’s small enough to keep on your phone to share it with friends- it’s even better!

Here are nine of what we think are the best optical illusion gifs on the web. Enjoy!

1) Stare at the centre of this image for about one minute and then look away!

2) Which way is the train going?

3) Can you work out how this works?

4) If you stare at the green dot in the centre, the yellow ones disappear.

5) This one is just crazy. Apparently no special effects have been involved.

6) Stare at the dot in the centre, later you’ll be shown a “black and white” photo.

7) This floating square will have you baffled!

8) Zooming out on what looks like a neverending skyscraper.

9) The impossible chair!

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